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50 pieces of fic/fanart
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Welcome to fanfic50!

This community is open to almost all fandoms, characters and pairings and you can write as many angst, fluff, dark, funny, AU and crossover fics as you want! The aim is to create 50 (or 25, depending on what you sign up for) pieces of fanart using a set of prompts...

What To Do

A. Choose a character or a pairing from a particular fandom.

Your claim can be from any fandom and can be a character, a pairing or a group (within reason). Ask if you're not sure. Also note that more than one person can claim the same thing!

B. Decide which of the following options you'd like to go with.

Option 1. Write 50 fics based on 50 different prompts. This can include as many crossover, AU, angst, fluffy, dark, romance, funny, death and other fics that you want! The options of what you write vary as far as your imagination does!

Option 2. Write 25 fics and make 25 icons. Again, the fics can include as many crossover, AU, angst, fluffy and other fics that you want!

Option 3. Make 50 icons.

Option 4. Write 25 fics ONLY. This option is there for those of you who think 50 is too big a number of fanart pieces to complete.

Option 5. Make 25 icons.

C. Choose a prompt set to base your fics on.

Scroll down to view the prompt sets available. You may interchange prompts if you get stuck.

D. When you have decided on your claim and prompt set, fill out the following form and wait for approval before posting.

Make your claim here.

E. When you post, make sure of the following:

Should you NOT follow these guidelines (particularly the one regarding tags) you will be given 3 warnings. After that, you will be banned from the group. I don't want to do this, but because of a few problems lately I don't really have a choice. So, follow the rules and you'll be fine.

+ POST THE STORY, CHAPTER OR ICON ITSELF in fanfic50, under an LJ-cut. Copying and pasting isn't hard. As of 12:01 A.M. Eastern Time, October 7, 2008, posting a link in place of a story/chapter/icons/artwork is NOT allowed.

I don't mind if you post the work AND a link leading to another site. I've just run into too many people who post nothing but links to locked journals or who don't bother to post any indication at fanfic50 that their claims are progressing. I would like to know if people are progressing with their claims so that they can get proper credit for it.

So...please. Post the work HERE. Isn't that what a fanworks community is for?

+ Tag your fics with the supplied tag which you'll be given when approved! This is a MUST! If you have any problems with your tag or don't understand, please leave a comment on the claims thread.

+ Provide a suitable subject for your claim. Eg. Fic: Title (Brennan/Booth) or Icons: (Dexter).

+ One fic per post only! With icons, you may put all of your entries into the one post, as long as they are behind an lj-cut. 3 icons may be displayed as examples.

+ Put large posts behind LJ cuts (no more than 3 icons or 100 words of fic onscreen)

+ Supply warnings and ratings if there is something that may offend someone in your work.

Please use the following or similar when posting:


When you have completed your claim, please leave a comment here with a link to your table and someone will make you a banner. :)


If you have a question that isn't listed here, head over to the claims post and ask away!

How many claims can I make?
I'm not going to put a maximum on how many claims you can make but will suggest a maximum of three tables as a guideline. Please be sensible. Don't claim more than you can handle. If a writer applies for a new claim without completing/updating previous claims, the Management reserves the right of refusal.

If you DO decide that you don't have time to write the stories for your claim, PLEASE tell me. There's no earthly point in maintaining claims in the claims table for months and months and months while no stories are being written or icons designed. Please don't make a claim and then do nothing with it.

Can I claim an original series/pairing/character?
Sure, that's fine!

Can I write Real People Fic/Real People Slash?
As of July 3, 2008, I'm no longer accepting new RPF or RPS claims. People who apped such claims before that date can continue to write them. But no new claims of this nature will be accepted.

Can I claim a character, pairing or series that was created by someone who has forbidden the creation of fanfic?
No, you can't. I don't want the comm to be on the receiving end of cease and desist letters from authors' attorneys, or to be threatened with deletion from (or even deleted by) LJ/6A for copyright infringement or violations of terms of service for LJ.

These are the authors and publishers who aren't eligible to be written about:

* Archie comics
* P. N. Elrod
* Raymond Feist
* Terry Goodkind
* Laurell K. Hamilton
* Robin Hobb (a.k.a. Megan Lindholm)
* George R.R. Martin
* Dennis L. McKiernan
* Robin McKinley
* Irene Radford
* Anne Rice
* Nora Roberts (a.k.a. J.D. Robb)

Can I claim a crossover?
No, you can't. If you want to do crossovers, you must make a claim for one fandom/pairing/character - you can write as many crossovers with your claim as you want using this option. For example, if you want to write for Paige/Silas (both from different fandoms), you can, but your claim will be for either Paige or Silas alone, not together.

Is there a time limit?
At the moment there isn't a time limit. It'd be great if you can post at least once a month though, to keep the community active. Thanks!

Can I make music videos as part of my claim?
Sure, that's fine. You can make wallpapers, banners and other graphics for your claim as well if that's something you'd like to do. Just make sure you fulfill the prompt requirements given.

+ One +

001.Love 002.Hate 003.Pain 004.Joy 005.Fear
006.Trust 007.Betray 008.Promise 009.Appreciate 010.Annoy
011.Death 012.Blood 013.Grave 014.Life 015.Breath
016.Mind 017.Think 018.Share 019.Toy 020.Guard
021.Moonlight 022.Sunshine 023.Wish 024.Undecided 025.Heaven
026.Dispose 027.Illusive 028.Inside 029.Home 030.Sleep
031.Phone 032.Discover 033.Investigate 034.Confide 035.Follow
036.Threat 037.Survive 038.Together 039.Remember 040.Mistake
041.Try 042.Fall 043.Redo 044.Experiment 045.Hollow
046.Missing 047.Broken 048.Sympathy 049.Collide 050.Writers' Choice

+ Two +

001.Finish 002.Nothing 003.Alone 004.Desperate 005.Down
006.Tongue 007.Hair 008.Kiss 009.Smile 010.Imagine
011.Defy 012.Notice 013.Celebrate 014.Morgue 015.Charm
016.Bath 017.Dance 018.Scream 019.Kick 020.Feel
021.Stutter 022.Learn 023.Fight 024.Steal 025.Fascinate
026.Forget 027.Hurt 028.Never 029.Close 030.Fade
031.Direction 032.Road 033.Question 034.Between 035.Trap
036.Dress 037.Admit 038.Chance 039.Believe 040.Dream
041.Shine 042.Tied 043.Conspire 044.Couple 045.Undercover
046.Care 047.Creep 048.Empty 049.Bones 050.Writers' Choice

+ Three +

001.Temptation 002.Addiction 003.Greed 004.Faith 005.Delusional
006.Innocence 007.Stained 008.Procrastinate 009.Dirty 010.Lie
011.Forgive 012.Lose 013.Want 014.Bury 015.Choke
016.Burn 017.Change 018.Regret 019.Slip 020.Smirk
021.Fragile 022.Secret 023.Past 024.Fantasy 025.Enough
026.Dream 027.Waste 028.Hope 029.Note 030.Hug
031.Passion 032.Hold 033.Right 034.Wrong 035.Strong
036.Wind 037.Paranoid 038.Moment 039.Song 040.Touch
041.Shake 042.Psychic 043.Spirit 044.Magick 045.God
046.Ghost 047.Belong 048.Tear(s) 049.Drown 050.Writers' Choice

+ Four +

001.Heart 002.Stone 003.Cold 004.Hole 005.Cut
006.Queue 007.Turn 008.Apathy 009.Innocence 010.Stay
011.Drunk 012.Attitude 013.Rational 014.Possible 015.Temperature
016.Goodbye 017.Hero 018.Point 019.Try 020.Dinner
021.Scar 022.Perfect 023.Solution 024.Science 025.Proud
026.Pretend 027.Late 028.Forever 029.Defend 030.Gone
031.Determined 032.Abducted 033.Communication 034.Disguise 035.Drugged
036.Tragedy 037.Butterfly 038.Effect 039.Design 040.Substance
041.Smoke 042.Paranormal 043.Spooky 044.Spy 045.Morph
046.Pulse 047.Dare 048.Whisper 049.Insecure 050.Writers' Choice

+ Five +

001.Focus 002.Room 003.Sink 004.Story 005.Pool
006.Hook 007.Maze 008.Bold 009.Crush 010.Heal
011.Branch 012.Reign 013.Echo 014.Shadow 015.Dusk
016.Dawn 017.Plain 018.File 019.Charm 020.Plan
021.Blink 022.Grin 023.Spoon 024.Panic 025.Snow
026.Patrol 027.Opportunity 028.Vertical 029.Horizon 030.Replace
031.Fool 032.Intervention 033.Gift 034.Restless 035.Weight of the World
036.Wild 037.Harsh 038.Initiative 039.Pang(s) 040.Primal
041.Bribery 042.Theft 043.Impatience 044.Pray 045.Merchandise
046.Survivor 047.Captured 048.Uncivilized 049.Poke 050.Writers' Choice

+ Six +

001.Spiral 002.Ghost 003.Control 004.Bruise 005.Destiny
006.Element 007.Fade 008.Darkness 009.Fire 010.Blood
011.Bound 012.Bolt 013.Wormhole 014.Sacrifice 015.Pause
016.Space 017.Doubt 018.Ashes 019.Save 020.Write
021.Insult 022.Dare 023.Morph 024.Heal 025.Burden
026.Gate 027.Travel 028.Cage 029.Wake 030.Seed
031.Ring 032.Karma 033.Traitor 034.Stars 035.Voice
036.Backwards 037.Present 038.Salvation 039.Restrain 040.Myth
041.Hologram 042.Reaction 043.Alien 044.Burn 045.Brave
046.Necklace 047.Creation(ism) 048.Guilt 049.Reality 050.Writers' Choice

+ Seven +

001.Lure 002.Bounce 003.Cursed 004.Message 005. Abyss
006.Unreciprocated 007.Descent 008.Holiday 009.Obsess 010.Mystical
011.Text 012.Melancholy 013.Honest 014.Mundane 015.Worn
016.Solitude 017.Jaded 018.Depressing 019.Anticipation 020.Sensible
021.Power 022.Hidden 023.Desolate 024.Insanity 025. Façade
026.Secret 027.Technology 028.Astrology 029.Breakdown 030.Machine
031.Miscommunication 032.Variety 033.Sarcasm 034.Garden 035.Transmit
036.Mutual 037.Hell 038.Encounter 039.Invisible 040.Twilight
041.Data 042.Wasteland 043.Embrace 044.Scars 045.Poison
046. Enigma 047.Scramble 048.Exchange 049.Collapse 050.Writers' Choice

+ Eight +

001.Angel 002.Reason 003.Prank 004.Caught 005.Anxiety
006.Rock 007.Hire 008.I can’t make you mine 009.Race 010.Heartbreaker
011.Language 012.Wait 013.Tongue-Tied 014.Crystal Clear 015.Fraud
016.Search 017.Apart 018.Personality 019.Orange 020.Crawl
021.Alternate Reality 022.Downstairs 023.Pop 024.Cliché 025.Memory
026.Bed 027.Needle In A Haystack 028.Shave 029.Whatever 030.Guardian
031.Infidelity 032.Fiction 033.A New World 034.Accuracy 035.Fallen
036.Original 037.Abstract 038.Imperfection 039.Let’s Go 040.Left Behind
041.Potential 042.Demon 043.Jump 044.Punish 045.Over
046.Deception 047.Thunder 048.Welcome 049.Stop 050.Writers' Choice

+ Nine +

001.Always, All Ways 002.Perfect World 003.Brand New Day 004.Face Down 005.Unstoppable
006.A Part Of Me 007.Not Now 008.By My Side 009.Pieces 010.Under Pressure
011.Better Off Alone 012.I'm Not Okay 013.Hard To Say 014.Walk Away 015.Obsession (I Love You)
016.Dirty Little Secret 017.In Fate's Hands 018.Go Away! 019.Find Your Way Back 020.Wherever You Will Go
021.One Last Time 022.Quit Your Life 023.Breathe 024.Lost Without You 025.On The Way Down
026.Somebody Help Me 027.Wondering 028.I Miss You 029.Famous Last Words 030.Same Direction
031.Far Away 032.Without Reason 033.Everything You Want 034.Someday 035.Soul Meets Body
036.Already Met You 037.Keep Holding On 038.Goodbye Again 039.Me Against The World 040.She's On My Mind
041.Say The Word 042.Don't Wanna Think About You 043.Never Again 044.It Wasn't Enough 045.Bouncing Off The Walls Again
046.Mistake 047.Every Single Day 048.Getting Away With Murder 049.Promise 050.Writers' Choice

+ Ten +

001.Rain 002.Mirror 003.Sanctuary 004.Imagination 005.Spirit
006.Resign 007.Abnormal 008.Vision 009.Heaven 010.Hell
011.Underground 012.Soul 013.Crystal 014.Sunrise 015.Disgust
016.Improvise 017.Weakness 018.Bent 019.Analyse 020.Glare
021.Speed 022.Violence 023.Everything 024.Indifference 025.Roam
026.Psychosis 027.Dark 028.Twisted 029.Attic 030.Contain
031.Monster 032.Return 033.Without 034.Unnatural 035.Doctor
036.Spin 037.Beam 038.Honesty 039.Slash 040.Online
041.Misunderstood 042.Prevail 043.Inconceivable 044.Endanger 045.Stare
046.Supernatural 047.Deep 048.Sarcastic 049.Limit 050.Writers' Choice

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