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For Stories and/or Icons

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50 pieces of fic/fanart
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Welcome to fanfic50!

Claim a prompt table, and write or make 25 or 50 pieces of fic/art for your favourite characters and pairings. Share your work, revel in your achievement, and earn a shiny banner for completing your claim!

fanfic50 is open to almost all fandoms, characters and pairings (see the rules below for exceptions) - and all genres and fic types are welcome (eg. angst, fluff, dark, funny, AU, crossover, [insert fic type here]).

What To Do

A. Choose a character or a pairing from a particular fandom.

Your claim can be from any fandom and can be a character, a pairing or a group (within reason). You can even claim the series as a whole (just ask to claim the "general series"). Ask if you're not sure. Also note that more than one person can claim the same thing!

B. Decide which of the following options you'd like to go with.

Option 1. Write 50 fics.

Option 2. Write 25 fics and make 25 icons.

Option 3. Make 50 icons.

Option 4. Write 25 fics ONLY. This option is there for those of you who think 50 is too much to complete.

Option 5. Make 25 icons.

C. Choose a prompt set to base your fics on.

The prompt tables can be found here. You may interchange prompts if you get stuck.

D. When you have decided on your claim and prompt set, fill out the following form and wait for approval before posting.

Make your claim here.

E. When you post, make sure of the following:

Should you NOT follow these guidelines (particularly the one regarding tags) you will be given 3 warnings. After that, you will be banned from the group.

+ Tag your fics with the supplied tags that you are given when approved! This is a MUST! If you have any problems with your tag or don't understand, please leave a comment on the claims thread. We'll be happy to help you out.

+ Provide a suitable subject for your claim. You don't have to follow any specific format. See what's already in the community for ideas, and post what you're comfortable with.

+ One fic per post only! With icons, you may put all of your entries into the one post, as long as they are behind an lj-cut. 3 icons may be displayed as a preview.

+ Put large posts behind lj-cut (no more than 3 icons or 100 words of fic onscreen).

+ Any and all adult rated material must go behind an lj-cut or fake cut and have appropriate warnings. This is to protect any younglings - who have miraculously managed to stay innocent while roaming the interwebs - from seeing things they may not be ready to see.

+ Supply warnings and ratings if there is something that may offend someone in your work.

Please use the following or similar when posting (you can adapt it to suit you):

+ If you'd like to be added to the completed claims list (and if you'd like to receive a shiny banner) for completing your claim, all your fics must be easily accessible and viewable. If your stories all go to locked posts or dead/expired links, we have no way to tell what you've actually completed.

F. Finished your prompt table?

When you have completed your claim, please leave a comment here with a link to your table and we will make you a banner. :)


If you have a question that isn't listed here, head over to the claims post and ask away!

How many claims can I make?
I'm not going to put a maximum on how many claims you can make, but will suggest a maximum of three tables as a guideline. Please be sensible. Don't claim more than you can handle. If a writer applies for a new claim without completing/updating previous claims, the admin reserves the right of refusal.

What do I do if I want to drop my claim?
If you decide that you don't have time to write the stories for your claim, please tell us on the claims post. We'll remove your claim. And don't worry - you won't end up on any lists for not finishing. If you feel like returning to claim something else later, you're very welcome to do so.

Can I claim an original series/pairing/character?
Sure, that's fine!

Can I write Real People Fic/Real People Slash?
Yes. Please note that if you do, you claim all legal (and otherwise) responsibility for material you post.

Can I claim a character, pairing or series that was created by someone who has forbidden the creation of fanfic?
No, you can't. I don't want the comm to be on the receiving end of cease and desist letters from authors' attorneys, or to be threatened with deletion from (or even deleted by) LJ/6A for copyright infringement or violations of terms of service for LJ.

These are the authors and publishers who aren't eligible to be written about:

* Archie comics
* P. N. Elrod
* Raymond Feist
* Terry Goodkind
* Laurell K. Hamilton
* Robin Hobb (a.k.a. Megan Lindholm)
* George R.R. Martin
* Dennis L. McKiernan
* Robin McKinley
* Irene Radford
* Anne Rice
* Nora Roberts (a.k.a. J.D. Robb)

Can I claim a crossover?
No - but don't let that stop you from writing crossovers! If you want to do crossovers, make a claim for one fandom/pairing/character and you can write as many crossovers with your claim as you want.

Is there a time limit?
Nope. That's the best thing about prompt table challenges. You can take them on at your own pace.

Can I make music videos as part of my claim?
Sure, that's fine. You can make wallpapers, banners and other graphics for your claim as well if that's something you'd like to do. Just make sure you fulfill the prompt requirements given.

Disclaimer: fanfic50 is a community for the posting of fictional works and discussion of fictional television shows. No material appearing in this community should be interpreted as soliciting or encouraging illegal activity. Posts to this community that describe illegal activity in the context of fictional or analytic writing should not be construed as expressing interest, soliciting or encouraging illegal activity. The act of posting to, friending or becoming a member of this community should not be construed as the expression of interest, solicitation or encouragement of illegal activity. fanfic50 opposes and condemns illegal activity, does not encourage illegal activity and is not and will not be used in furtherance of any illegal activity.
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